I love my Apple Watch but wish it would track sleep automatically. Thanks to various hardworking developers, there is automatic sleep tracking. I will be looking at the three popular sleep apps.

Note: Sleep++ and Pillow do not automatically track and are not in the review.

Autosleep: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/autosleep-auto-sleep-tracker-for-watch/id1164801111?mt=8

Sleep Watch: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sleep-watch-auto-sleep-monitor-using-your-watch/id1138066420?mt=8

Sleep Tracker: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sleep-tracker-auto-sleep-cycle-watch-monitor/id1179236591?mt=8

All three apps install fairly quick with each one having an Apple Watch app with only Sleep Tracker requiring an app to be installed on the watch to track sleep. For Autosleep and Sleep Watch the app is optional. Using the Sleep Watch app allows rich notifications on the watch as well as sleep details. The sleep tracking results were all from the exact same watch running all three apps while I was sleeping. So the results should be similar?

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Mi Band – 30 day battery life, sleep tracking for less than £9

I find the sports band too heavy and uncomfortable. The Apple watch bands (especially the nylon ones are great because they weight very little).

The best one I found for sleeping is this one (click image or link to buy one).

Gearbest Apple Watch Woven Sports Band
Apple Watch Woven Sports Band


Autosleep is really well designed and looks like something Apple would create. I really like the new dark theme. Personally, I prefer the bar-chart view (quality) to see my sleep as it feels easier to interpret the data. Autosleep does appear complicated to use at first but sensitivity can be adjusted depending on WatchOS it’s great for those who find other sleep apps either too sensitive or not sensitive at all. Although, in my testing over a few nights it didn’t pick up when I was awake with the default settings or after adjusting the app (see below). I woke up twice one night and this wasn’t detected. If you want an app that has obviously had a huge amount to work put into it, while getting better with each release look no futher than Autosleep.

Sleep Watch

The next app is Sleep Watch. The first app to automatically track sleep and it does a really great job. Sleep duration is displayed along with heart rate, in fact all the relevant information is displayed on the first page which makes interpreting the sleep data straight forward. Automatic sync to health now runs in the background and the watch app is very easy to understand. It’s pretty accurate too. I really like Sleep Watch because it just works. It’s easy to use, you don’t have to do anything really except sleep. My only wish would be awake times and on the sleep activity bar a color to indicate awake times, deep and light sleep. The current scheme is hard to interpret. I emailed the developer with a suggestion to add color to awake, light sleep and deep sleep. A great app that works well in my testing.

Sleep Tracker

Finally, there is Sleep Tracker. What started out as an inaccurate sleep tracker with possibly the worst interface ever created has evolved (rather quickly) into an app which, like Sleep Watch is idiot proof in design and shows the sleep data rather cleanly, although a bit too FitBit. I love the design, I have suggested some improvements along the way to the dev. All the information you need is displayed clearly. I just wish the graph was bigger. It’s a bit hit and miss accuracy wise, sometimes failing to detect my times awake but it’s getting better with each release. If you are coming fro a FitBit device, you will be used to the interface. The latest release also features an alarm which wakes you up at the best time.

All three are quite good but which is the most accurate? Keep reading!

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Using a Fitbit Blaze I woke up about 1am and 4.30pm, my HR was 67 and I slept from 21.30 – 7.30am.

Autosleep – 21.30pm – 7.28am – Awake about 1pm (again hard to interpret) and nothing for 4.30pm – HR 67bpm

Sleep Watch – 21.30pm – 7.30pm – Awake 1pm (grey rather than white) and 4.30pm detected (as white) In another colour this would be easier to read – HR 67 BPM

Sleep Tracker – 21.32pm – 7.32pm – Detected one time awake but for some reason the graph shows I was awake till 7.50am – HR 67 BPM.