I traded in my Apple Watch Sports for an Apple Watch Stainless Steel Series 0 from CEX. Great service as usual but the watch was absolutely covered in scratches. I remember a product called Autosol which I used to clean my motorbike exhaust. Would it help with the watch scratches?

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Let’s find out 🙂

I stupidly forgot to take a photo of the Apple Watch before using Autosol but you have to take my word how bad it looked.

Honestly, what an improvement!

Round 1:

Apart from the old scratch on the rear casing, most of the scratches have gone. I used a microfibre cloth and started to buff with a tiny amount of Autosol.

Note: All photos are unedited and taken using an iPhone 5s.

Round 2:

I wasn’t happy with the rear casing so I applied more autosol on a cotton wool bud and started to buff for longer (1min).

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Final Round

This time I just applied to the bottom left and right side. I then used a microfibre cloth again. Most of the scratches have gone now. It looks polished and shiny and virtually new again!