I am loving my Pebble. Great battery life, always on screen, notifications. It’s just a superb device.

I want to use Google Fit because the Withings app reads this. Which Pebble app is best though? Plexfit or On11?

On11 is more established and supports sleep, sitting, running and walking.

Plexfit is new on the scene and provides accurate walking. Chatting to the developer Running and Sleep are in progress.



Download the Android App:


Then the Pebble App:



First download the Android App:


And also the Pebble app:



I tested both apps 1 day at a time. I motorcycle to work and back (1hour commute both ways) take a walk on Lunch and have a 10 min run at the end of the day. Google Fit has activity detection disabled.

Here are my results:

  • Pebble + On11
  • 8934 steps (displayed on the Pebble)
  • Google Fit Reports
  • 27,500 steps
  • Pebble + Plexfit
  • 6874 steps
  • Google Fit Reports
  •  9812 steps

As you can see the most accurate is Plexfit.


+ Accurate (to a degree)

+ Great Android app and sync

+ Easy to use app

– Shows multiple Step counts of 1 in Google Fit (I have reported an idea about this to the Dev)

Costs £2.33 (compared to On11 which is free) but cheaper than any fitness tracker

No Running tracking (Yet!)


+ Seems accurate on the Pebble

+ Excellent Run detection

+ Free

Step count goes nuts in Google Fit

 Design of Android app could need some improvement

– Sync is ok 90% of the time

For purely walking I would recommend Plexfit. As much as I love On11 with the inaccurate almost bonkers step counts reporting in Google Fit I cannot recommend it.