I am loving my Pebble. Great battery life, always on screen, notifications. It’s just a superb device. I want to replace my Withings Pulse. I think I know have a solution thanks to Plexfit.

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Plexfit is a step counter which links to Google Fit. Why is this important? Withings imports data from Google Fit.

First download the Android App:


And also the Pebble app:


When launching your Android App choose your Google account. Launch the app on the Pebble and I would advise calibrating to get the most accurate steps.

How does Plexfit perform? Read Below to Find out! 🙂

I did some testing yesterday with various activity trackers to see how good a Pebble is as a fitness tracker using misfit. I was walking around my house (mostly up and down the stairs as I played with my son) doing some various DIY followed by walking with some friends to show them where the bus stop was.

Here are my results:

  • Pebble + Misfit (On wrist)
  • 3652 steps
  • Withings Pulse (On belt)
  • 4865 steps
  • LG G Watch
  • 5623 steps
  • Plexfit (Ver 1.8 – Normal + No Low Band Filter)
  • 4978 steps

After testing the Withings (and from reviews online) I believe this one of the most accurate step monitors you can buy and from my testing, Plexfit comes the closest. I find Misfit totally inaccurate. It’s always counting steps when I am working at my computer desk (at work) but when actually walking misses a whole bunch of steps.

The LG G Watch works well but like Google Fit in general always counts far too many steps. It’s a new platform so maybe it will become better/more accurate.

Thanks to Plexfit I can now eBay my Withings Pulse 🙂

Plexfit is free as a 15 Day Trial and then £2.33 to purchase.