I finally bought a Pebble, mainly due to the notifications, fitness tracking and ability to change watch faces. I am really impressed so far but how does it compare to a dedicated fitness tracker?

Read Below to Find out! 🙂

I did some testing last Saturday with various activity trackers to see how good a Pebble is as a fitness tracker using misfit.

Here are my results:


Pebble + Misfit (On wrist)
8002 steps

Withings Pulse (On belt)
9350 steps

Sony SWR10 (On wrist)
5915 steps

Google Fit (via Nexus 7 in my bag)
9107 steps


Pebble + Misfit (On wrist)
1530 steps

Withings Pulse (On belt)
1742 steps

Very impressive for a smart watch with 7 days + battery life, which supports android/ios and notifications and is also a really good fitness tracker. Using Misfit the app counts your steps during the day and tracks your sleep during the night. All automatic. Along with being waterproof to 5ATM, would replace a dedicated fitness tracker.

Pebble can be purchased from: