I have been using the Xperia L for 1 month now and found the camera nothing short of useless. Even compared to my iPhone 4, the photos taken are awful. Over exposed, poor focusing, white balance completely wrong, over processed, the list goes on. Using iAuto that is.

There is however a way to improve the camera. Without doing anything other than changing the settings. No root, mods, needed.

Set to Manual

– Focus – single auto focus
– Metering – Center
– Image Stabilization – Off

That’s it.

You will find focus and responsiveness improves. Images have the correct white balance, colors are more accurate, images are more detailed and it actually functions as a usable camera. You can even take photos of moving objects in bright light without blur.

I believe the Exmor RS sensor is very good. The Sony software and algorithms are the problem. A shame really because Sony make Compact digital Camera’s and their Alpha range of cameras are superb.

Xperia L
Xperia L