** Update **

As my last email push test was so popular I have decided to do an update.

Which mobile phone is the fastest for email push? Blackberry is supposed to be king of messaging. How does Android 2.2.1 compare to Blackberry’s latest OS 6?

How I will conduct the test?
I will use my laptop running Mac OS X 10.6.7 to send a total of 5 random emails from the built in mail client setup for my Gmail account (using IMAP) to my gmail account.

Which Phones will I use?
Blackberry – Torch 9800 running OS 6
– Gmail account using built in email client

Android – Sony Xperia X10 running Android 2.2.1 (Wolfs ROM)
– Gmail account using built in email client

Let the battle commence!!

Email 1
1st: Blackberry
2nd: Android (a few seconds later)

Email 2
1st: Blackberry
2nd: Android (a minute later and still nothing)

Email 3
1st: Android (Email 2 arrived with Email 3)
2nd: Blackberry (1 second later)

Email 4
1st: Blackberry
2nd: Android (1 second later)

Email 5
1st: Blackberry
2nd: Android (2 seconds later)

1st Place: Blackberry
2nd Place: Android


It seems fairly conclusive that Blackberry is still king of instant email rating 1st place 4/5 times. Android is certainly catching up but while Blackberry is very consistent with receiving emails, from the test above you can see one email sent to the Android phone got lost for a minute.

If you want a phone with rock solid email, the ability to add 10 email accounts and superb Facebook and Twitter intergration buy a Blackberry.

If you want a phone with rock solid email and everything else, buy an Android phone.

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