I don’t know about you guys, but I have been addicted to the JCVD Behind the Scenes on ITV 4. I have been a fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme since Kick-boxer and Bloodsport. Although he has had some problems in the past, JCVD appears to have overcome these problems and seems like a genuinely nice guy. I respect him even more for his kind treatment to animals and especially dogs, which he collects randomly at different locations and upgrades their life to a Hollywood life.

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After the TV programme it was almost a rediscovery of JCVD. While Searching youtube for JCVD, I found a video with JCVD doing a honest sales pitch for his own name watches. I was curious. I am a fan of JCVD, I like watches and I need a new watch. Perfect.

Searching the internet more I can across http://www.jcvd-watches.com

JCVD watches sell various watches from cheap Dammage Fan to the high end JCVD III surrounded by Diamonds and all Swiss Made.

I couldn’t resist so I went for the Dammage 2 – All Black model. I placed the order via the website and received the usual confirmation email and after emailing customer serviced received an email with the tracking number, trackable via the Fed-EX website.

My watch arrived 2 weeks after playing the order (not too bad considering it was Easter and two Bank holiday weekends in the UK). I opened the packaging and was greeted by a small JCVD labelled shoebox. Upon opening revealed a JCVD labelled right handed Boxing Glove, which is very high quality and if anything, made me yearn for a left hand glove.

The watch is wrapped up in packaging paper and placed inside the glove. Once removed I was instantly impressed by the quality, weight and attention to detail. The leather straps are very thick and well made. For the price the watch is very impressive to say the least. After researching the watch online it would appear to be made by the company Bombadier who made very high end Swiss Made watches, which makes my JCVD watch an even greater bargain.

The stopwatch/chronograph works flawlessly and the buttons look very well made and add a certain quality to the watch.

Overall I am very impressed and recommend the watch to any JCVD fan as well as those looking for a very high quality watch at a bargain price. You will not be disappointed.

My watch cost $391.48 including delivery to the UK.

I also managed to obtain the latest price list for all the models from someone at JCVD watches.

Dammage Fan : 299.00 USD

Dammage I : 349.00 USD

Dammage II : 379.00 USD

Montreal I : 1,799.00 USD

Montreal II : 799.00 USD

JCVD I : 4,999.00 USD

JCVD II : 6,499.00 USD

JCVD III : 9,999.00 USD