Email Push Test – Blackberry versus Android versus Symbian

This is my first post for a few months due to work comitments but something I have been curious about myself.

Which mobile phone is the fastest for email push? Blackberry is supposed to be king of messaging, Android is reletively new and Symbian has been going for quite a while (Although thanks to the Nokia/Microsoft anouncement this week, pretty dead now).

How I will conduct the test?
I will use my laptop running Mac OS X 10.6 to send a total of 5 random emails from the built in mail client setup for my Gmail account (using IMAP) to my gmail account.

Which Phones will I use?
Blackberry – Pearl 9105 running OS 6
– Gmail account using built in email client

Symbian – Nokia N8 with firmware PR1.1
– Gmail account using Mail for Exchange

Android – Sony X10 Mini Pro running Android 2.1
– Gmail account using built in email client

Let the battle commence!!

Email 1
1st: Nokia
2nd: Android
3rd: Blackberry

Email 2
1st: Nokia
2nd: Blackberry
3rd: Android

Email 3
1st: Android
2nd: Blackberry
3rd: Nokia

Email 4
1st: Blackberry
2nd: Android
3rd: Nokia

Email 5
1st: Blackberry
2nd: Nokia
3rd: Android

1st Place: Blackberry and Nokia
2nd Place: Android


When testing these phones the emails receieved were around half a second appart so it would appear the email push systems all the phones are using are just as good as each other with Blackberry and Nokia having only slightly faster emails than the Android phone.

Blackberry Logo

Blackberry used to be King of emails and it would appear it still is. The other mobile OS’s are very close. While the OS and everything else has improved on the other phones, the Blackberry has not. Blackberry has not stood the test of time and the app store and quality of apps are very poor in comparison with OVI store and the Android Store.

If you want a phone with rock solid email, the ability to add 10 email accounts and superb Facebook and Twitter intergration buy a Blackberry.

If you want a phone with rock solid email and everything else, buy an Android phone.

If you want a phone with rock solid email and …..

…. The Symbian/Nokia phone is hard to recommend now. Symbian has been dumped by Sony and Samsung and now Nokia has dumped it in favour of the Windows Mobile OS. For that reason I cannot recommend a Symbian based phone, even though the Nokia N8 is a superb phone with an astounding camera built in.


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