Ever since CD-ROM has been used as a storage media for games, FMV has been used. FMV, or Full Motion Video has been used as a filler for the media. The game may take up 2MB of storage and the rest is FMV. I really don’t mind FMV if it is used in a way which is detrimental to the game. Night Trap for example on the Mega-CD used FMV to allow you to exterminate zombie type people (AKA guy dressed up in a bad costume) using the FMV. Without FMV the game would not exist.

The iPhone is a great phone and is now acknowledged as a handheld gaming platform. I have the 8GB 3G model and enjoy playing games more than using it as a phone. I downloaded Ghosts N’ Goblins yesterday and to me this is the perfect iPhone game. It has been updated to 3D and looks great. Its also very playable and is a retro gamers dream. There is no video whatsoever and the game is 11.6MB.

Rally Master is another perfect iPhone game. Addictive, looks similar to Sega Rally (admittedly it is not as good) but is only 31MB.

What about FMV? Well those games I have mentioned above have no FMV. Which explains the small file size, but isn’t that what you want in a mobile game? We barely have time to play the games never mind watch some pointless FMV which the company spends lots of money on for you to skip past anyway.

The worst offender by for is Gameloft. Gameloft make some of the best looking and most playable games for the iPhone. I am a huge fan of Guitar Rock Tour and Asphalt 5.

So please! No more pointless FMV in iPhone games. I have an iPod touch with 8GB and I am sure with no FMV the games will be a lot smaller and I can fit more games on it.

FMV was kinda cool when 1 speed CD ROM drives were all the rage and was used as a selling point but its unnecessary now, especially on something like an iPhone or iPod touch where storage is limited.

Night Trap - Mega CD
Night Trap – Mega CD