“Al-righty, back again, honglong here”.

After reading an article in the latest Retro Gamer I decided to have a look at some of the recommended retro game videos on Youtube. To be honest most of them were quite interesting but compelling? Not really. There was one You-tuber in particular though that made me want to watch more, Lukemorse1.

I have been nothing but addicted to his videos, mostly due to his passion of all things games and he is living every gamers dream. Luke is living in Japan, working in Japan and has access to the latest arcade games as well as all the older games. A look at his console collection is mind blowing. Luke’s home is literately littered in games, consoles and arcade machines.

Youtube - Lukemorse
Youtube – Lukemorse

I feel nostalgic and envious at the same time looking through Luke’s videos. Examples are modding a Sega Megadrive, a tour around Super Hard Off (Japanese 2nd hand game store) to tasting a very bizarre flavored Pepsi drink. It’s interesting because you see a westerner in an eastern environment experiencing a very interesting culture.

Like Luke I have worked in Tech Support, repair consoles and share his passion of Japan and video games. So I find his repairs and modifications very intriguing.

I really recommend his channel and will be going through some of his older videos to get some inspiration for my old channel.