wii party

I never really got the Nintendo Wii when it first come out. Microsoft had the Xbox 360. Sony the Playstation 3. It was console evolution. The Xbox 360 was more powerful than the original Xbox and could play most of its games, had a superior online community and some fantastic games. The Playstation 3 like the Xbox 360, was more powerful than its predecessor and thanks to all that power could play numerous Playstation 2 titles. It also had an Ace up its sleeve. Blu-Ray.

The Wii at first glance had nothing going for it. The hardware was fairly similar to its predecessor, the Gamecube and it could play those games, but, and this is a big but, you require the Gamecube controllers. The wii controllers look like a cross between a remote control and a NES controller. Hardly next gen then.

Switch on the wii and the interface is basic, the games don’t look any better than the Gamecube, some look worse. Red Steel is a FPS which uses the wii controller and the nun chuck. The graphics on an LCD TV look terrible. I tried to play it, but it looked so bad I didn’t want to play it anymore than 2 mins. That was being generous. Some will argue its a great game. It may well be, had it been released on the PS3 or Xbox 360, which is more suited to that type of game.

I just never understood all the hype and fuss about the wii. Its sold out everywhere. Demand is always high. Who is buying it? and why?

Yesterday was my birthday. I was 32. I had a birthday party at my house, organised by my wife. It was supposed to be a surprise, but thanks to subtle hints, I worked out what was happening. It doesn’t matter though because I did have a surprise. Along with the amount of people who turned up, the presents, the fantastic cake with sparkling 32, the biggest surprise of the night was the Nintendo Wii.

Everyone wanted to play it. No one cared that the graphics were not 1080P or that the games were not presented in Dolby Digital. All that was on everyones mind was competing against someone else at Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Boxing, even the Olympics. Everyone wanted to be the winner, no one minded being the looser. Taking part was really all that mattered.

Its possible the greatest party console that has ever been made. Male, Female, English, Chinese, Korean, Old or Young, it really doesn’t matter. The wii just wants to do one thing. Entertain you. The Nintendo Wii really is the ultimate party animal and no guest list should be without one.