Its hard to believe nearly 300 million Apps have been downloaded from the iTunes App store since October this year. Thats a phenomenal amount in such a short time. If anything it tells me that this is the future, it has to be the future. No more trailing through online or real shops looking for a game. Type the name in a search box, click buy and wait until it downloads. The App store has shown it is the best legal way to download a game and as long as the prices are low, then consumers will pay for it. I don’t mind paying 59p for a game, or even £5.99 for top class game. I have done. I love the fact that every game ever released for the iPhone is only available via the App Store. The iPhone has everything it needs to suceed as a handheld game console and Nintendo and Sony should be afraid and because of Apple they need to change their whole strategy of distributing their games to the consumers.

Iphone games are cheap and while far too many of them are puzzle games, there is a small minority which are top class, Nintendo, even PSP quality games. Super Monkey Ball, Fast and the Furious Pink Drift and Hero of Sparta are such games. Bugs are squashed fairly quickly with regular updates which can be downloaded as soon as you open iTunes. Connect your iPod Touch or iPhone and all the games you have are updated.

The PSP has something similar to the App Store. The Playstation store. It should be a PSP’s owners dream. I have a PSP and was looking forward to the Playstation store. I thought it would be like the App Store. Instead, all I got was a limited amount of games at extortionate prices. For example, a Playstation One game can be bought and downloaded to your PSP for £14.99. Nearly 3 times the price of a top class App Store game and much more than the actual game can be bought on CD. So why bother? An actual PSP game is more or less the price which it can be bought online or in store, at full retail price. The other problem is selling the game afterwards once you become bored. With a the original UMD game, you can trade or eBay the game. With a Digital download you can not. It is yours to keep until you delete it.

Since the App store was released in October I have spent around £150 pound on various Apps. Since the Playstation store was released I have spent £0.

Make of that what you will.