As you may of noticed, the website looks a little different. I used iWeb to create the old website and while it was fairly painless to update, didn’t look as professional as I would of liked and doesn’t allow me to update it anywhere (another computer, iPhone, etc). So I have decided to use wordpress to host my blog. Its more professional looking, easy to update, I can update using the wordpress app on my iPhone and I can update from any computer, anywhere in the world. Its also more user friendly to find previous blogs.

Its going be work in progress for the next few weeks.

My schedule:

  • Transfer all reviews, opinion, news, blog from my old website
  • Find an affiliate program. Needs to be unobtrusive
  • Check spellings and grammar for everything
  • Update photos for reviews
  • Ensure no copyright material is used (for example the dragon on the reviews) its from my gamertag avatar but can it be used legally? If not, find another or design one

If you would like to contact me about anything, would like me to review one of your products, or would like to suggest an improvement anywhere, feel free to!

My email is

If you have an Xbox 360, use Xbox live and would like to leave me a text or voice message regarding anything on my blog or if you have a question to ask, please feel free to do so.

My Gamertag is: honglong1976