gear4 tx

Plug and Play was a concept developed by Microsoft in the early days of Windows and it very rarely was Plug and Play. Gear4 have developed a Bluetooth iPod adapter, the BluStream TX which is truly Plug and Play. For this review I used the BluStream TX with an iPod touch. According to the instructions you plug it in, turn on your Bluetooth Headphones (I used a pair of Sony DR-BT50) and then wait a few seconds. Pairing is done automatically. Everything worked smoothly and within seconds I was ready to listen wirelessly for the first time via the iPod Touch.

The sound quality is excellent. I was very surprised. Its by far the best I have heard Bluetooth sound. Bass is deep and treble is open and clear, so it is great for music, but what about films? I was expecting the usual Bluetooth audio sync issues with video only to find there is none. The audio is in sync. I tried a Music Video, a film (which I ripped using Handbrake) and BBC’s own iPlayer and each one played perfect without any sync problems.

If you have an iPod Touch and a good pair of Bluetooth Headphones, I cannot recommend the BluStream TX highly enough.

My Verdict

+ Setup is simplicity itself
+ Excellent quality sound
+ No audio sync problems when watching video
+ Works with all the new iPod models
+ Bluetooth 2.0

– No built in battery, so your iPod battery will run down quicker than normal

My Score

9 out of 10