Sound bars are an interesting concept. Combine all the 5 speakers into one speaker, replace the subwoofer and home cinema amp. I can see the appeal and for most people, this is the best solution for what would normally be speakers and cables everywhere. I like the idea so much I have purchased one myself for that very reason.

Marantz have a reputation for High Quality sound, so if anyone can make a very good sound bar, it has to be Marantz. They use various speakers, 32bit DSP’s and a technology called OPSODIS or Optimal Source Distribution technology to everyone else.



The test DVD was Star Wars – Episode 2. A DVD which seems very popular with all Home Cinema shops. I tried various scenes and was blown away by the sheer scale of the sound. Even more surprising was an active subwoofer was no where to be seen. How can bass this deep and powerful along with the surround effects all be coming from one box in front of me? Dialogue has clarity too, and never gets lost within the most ferocious of effects. When I heard sound from behind me, I had a look just to check there was no speaker behind me. Its even very good with Stereo music, but coming from Marantz, you would expect nothing less.

If you are looking for a sound bar to replace an existing 5.1 system and you have the space, you have to consider this. The ES7001 is awesome!

My Verdict

Honglong’s Rating:

An utterly convincing soundbar which proves our ears can hear what we cannot see.

9 out of 10

plus sign

+ Lots of inputs including HDMI
+ Phenomenal Bass considering the size and lack of subwoofer
+ The best sound bar yet?

minus sign
– Very Wide
– Only for those with a very large room and rack/shelf large enough to accommodate it