Motorola S705 is another model of Bluetooth Headphones by Motorola. The Motorola S705 comes with a Mains USB charger, Case, earphones, manual and CD. Bluetooth v1.2 and the usual profiles are supported, A2DP, AVRCP and HFP. This is also a Class 1 Bluetooth device meaning distance between this and the bluetooth transmitter can be upto 100 meters.

Compared to other bluetooth headphones this does have 3 additional features. FM Radio, Backlit LCD screen and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The headphone jack is the most important feature because it allows you to use any pair of headphones using a 3.5mm jack. For this test, I used the highly reviewed Sennheiser CX300 earphones.

Charging the Motorola S705 took about 2-3 hours and pairing worked without issues with Mac OS X, XP and my Nokia N95.

Initially the sound was unbearably harsh and the amount of background hiss was far too high for my liking. I left the Motorola S705 playing music for about 8-9 hours, charged it again and repeated. I also set the volume to half way via the built in controls. I am glad I did. The harshness has now gone and the hiss is barely audible now. I would advise adjusting the volume via the computer or mobile phone rather than using the volume control on the Motorola S705.

The sound quality is actually very good using the CX300 earphones and is very close to the sound you would achieve without using the Motorola S705. The sound is quite neutral, Bass is deep but not bloated and the treble (once run in) is actually quite sweet. The midrange is open and allows you to hear voices nice and clear, especially when watching TV or Movies.

I do like the Motorola S705. As long as the earphones Motorola provide stay in the box. Use a good pair of earphones, like the Sennheiser CX300 earphones or Goldring GX200 and you’ll get high quality sound via Bluetooth.

My Verdict

+ Excellent integration with other Bluetooth devices
+ The ability to charge via Mini-USB
+ OK sound (for Bluetooth headphones)
+ FM Radio
+ Class 1 – Up to 100 Meters
+ 3.5mm Headphone Jack
+ Backlit LCD screen

– Provided earphones are useless
– Battery life could be longer
– Lots of hiss
– Slight Sync issue with Video when used in Windows or OS X, which can be corrected by using VLC and adjusting the audio delay (-290 in OS X and -245 in Windows)
– Only Bluetooth v1.2 (Motorola, please release a Bluetooth 2.0 EDR verson) 

My Score

5 out of 10
(using provided earphones)
7 out of 10
 (using the Sennheiser CX300 earphones)