It seems everyone is on Facebook nowadays. Social Networking or just a great way to find out how successful you are compared to friends you went to school with? Well, I say friends, but how many have you seen since you left school?

I remember back in the late 90’s when everyone started to gain internet access, I was curious and dabbled with instant messaging. Chatting to people in another country seemed impossible yet somehow it was possible. Instantly you could build a friendship and have a multitude of things in common. Would you ever meet them? Did you want to meet them? I know I wanted to meet my online friends in my offline world and I did. It’s nice to have a neutral friend you can share your problems and experiences with. An engrossing experience and addiction rolled into one.

10 years of using Instant messaging my list seems to be filtered down to people I actually know, work colleagues, friends, family members, etc. What was initially fun is now become a way of life for some people. It seems everyone I know is online either via MSN or Facebook.

Is Facebook something friends reunited should of been? Is it successful because its free? The interface? If something is free, it will always be popular. I like Facebook because people seem to put lots of photos online. I love seeing my old friends and seeing if they have changed (aged?) as much as me. I usually say hi, but as we generally have nothing in common, the conversation ends there. Maybe if Facebook was around when I was at school, I could use it as a way to keep track on my friends, not in a stalking way, but compare careers, offer advice, find out what college or University they have chosen, etc.

My only gripe with online social networking and instant messaging is that people seem to rather spend time online than actually going out for real. Maybe its a comfort thing? Maybe people are lazy? Maybe people enjoy the world at their fingertips? or maybe its more fun than actual real socialising?